[su_spoiler title="Article Abstract" style="fancy"]The common conception is that women are the primary victims of Intimate Partner Violence (IPV). Official statistics and common wisdom apparently back this up. However a closer look reveals gender symmetry in IPV and a sordid history of collusion and bias in the scholarly establishment.[/su_spoiler][su_spoiler title="Quotes from the Article" style="fancy"]

So, is violence against men “invisibalized”? Clearly it is. The notion that women are primarily the victims of IPV is erroneous and can only be supported by ignoring the evidence or using biased police statistics,..

...there is definately something to be said for feminist theories of patriarchal domination. We should not forget that barely a hundred years ago, women could not vote, were considered weak and emotional, and were seen as generally incapable of making meaningful and rational decisions. Women were, and in fact still are, dominated by a patriarchy that diminishes the female sex, exposes them to violence, undervalues their social contributions (women are generally paid less than their male counterparts), and generally oppresses them down.


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