[su_spoiler title="Article Abstract" style="fancy"]Atheists reject human spirituality outright, believing that we are nothing more than the cells of our physical body. But atheists reject human spirituality based on limited knowledge and perspective, specifically the rejection of "Church God" and the elite ecclesiastical institutions which propagate it. But there is more to human spirituality than the institutionalized elite esoteric/exoteric spirituality of western religious institutions. Atheist or not, this "something more" is something worth looking at.[/su_spoiler][su_spoiler title="Quotes from the Article" style="fancy"]

Atheists can see the patent absurdity of God as a violent, abusive, and controlling patriarch, and they can see the ideological web of lies that go into its construction. They know it is foolish to believe in such a farce, and so they don't.

Human spirituality is about suppressing the neurology of the brain (specifically the Default Mode Network) long enough so that Consciousness can you descend into the vessel, the body.

The silliness of Church God and the ideological nature of ecclesiastical institutions does not invalidate other aspects of human spirituality

It took a massive blow to my cherished materialist world view to open me up to the possibility that it (i.e. my naïve materialist/atheist worldview) was naïve and wrong

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